the banning system and the art of running it down without getting banned

i don't get why people flame in game to make their team mates suffer, while i see a lot of people who do worse by soft inting without typing in chat because without chat logs it can seem like bad plays something they can't ban you for, while the community thinks the banning system is great and the toxic people are getting banned, toxicity isn't even a relevant problem in that game, you probably will lose way more games because of that more than a toxic kid raging in chat, a lot of players mute all and climb high to challenger proving that communicating in chat just a waste of time, it is just as worse as the toxic player blaming others for his mistakes, really delusional to think that you are losing games because of the toxic players or the flamers in chat telling people that they are bad when there is a mute button, i really wanna see something done about soft inting and grieving for once i wanna see some one who is banned for once for this and not by some chat logs of a player blaming another player for a bad play, it is getting pathetic.
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