STUCK in League

Hello, so recently I played ranked games(placements) to get a rank. I ended up 1W/9L bc of the problem I'll explain later.. I got B1 which is terrible and I refused to play ranked any more.. Now I encouraged myself, and played another ranked match.. IT IS TERRIBLE In bronze more that I guess 60% players FLAME so bad and don't know how to play well, which isn't that bad, but they continue on playing offensivly and building pure AP/AD bc they saw it on they favourite youtuber's video, so sorry for that word, but they're just dumb. Not all of them ofc, I'd like to speak about problem with people stuck in bronze/silver.. How do you solve such a situation. You do your best and some of them would maybe even beat platinums, but they don't have the opportunity, cause their teammates just ruin every game, so they demote and demote and demote OR they refuse to play ranked anymore like me. So I just played normals, and I realised that there are the same players even in normals, sometimes even more... I discovered that Normal-Draft players are not that bad, usually there's a little amount of bad players. Im really tired of being stuck in B1 and long waiting for a normal draft match. THIS IS A SERIOUS PROBLEM I was thinking of even stopping playing League (This is probably the main reason players are leaving) I like Lol, but I'm tired of this.. Anyone has a solve? Pliz
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