My Matchmaking is Messed

Made a post about this a while ago, I've had to make a new account for reasons, and until level 20 my matches were okay, but ever since then I've been getting matched with mid plat to low diamond players every 3/4 of my games, it's like my MMR switches to playing with level 20's, then back to plat/dia. People on the boards have been telling me that it's bad luck, or my mmr will go down eventually, but it's been dozens of games now. I don't lose every game, but I don't do good, and I get camped a lot because of my lack of runes/masteries. The only way I can lower it is by intentionally throwing games, which I don't want to do. What shall I do? I only play Solo btw, and I was Silver 2 on my old account at the beginning of the season, stopped playing ranked so I might have improved since then.

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