Abusing premades

So, I just had a game with a premade where I called mid first, and then the vel koz decided to troll going mid even after I locked Zed. Until here nothing strange (saddenly, in this bloody game). The part that seriously triggers me, is that the full team was premade and decided to report me cause of that, saying that reports are automated. The vel koz abuses premade to do whatever he wants, and then I am the one banned? I want to ask if reports are really automated, or if I have any reason to worry. Isn´t any way to punish this as well? I am not banned yet, but I do want to know if I need to care about anything. PD: I have the game recorded so in case I do get something (Honor 5 and never ever got even a restriction chat), can I send a ticket with the game recorded to show that those trolls were the one actually %%%%ing up my game?

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