Suggestion about Katarina's E (Shunpo)

Hi. I have recently purchased Katarina and I'm learning how to play her. What I find somewhat frustrating, is the fact that after using Shunpo to a unit, she stops her movements. So for example when you do the classic ward+shunpo trick to get away from an enemy, she stops running and that's 0.5sec of movement lost, it can sometimes cost you the fight (let's say the enemy has a long range skillshot). I'd like to suggest the staff this specific change in her E ability: if Katarina uses Shunpo after she already selected a point to move to (right clicking on terrain), she will Shunpo like normal BUT keep running in the direction where she was already headed. Let's say you are at point A, you right click to run over to point B, far away from A, then you place a ward + Shunpo to it to point C, which is between A and B. She will Shunpo to the ward then keep running to point B. Shouldn't change anything of the champion apart for this little (sometimes) frustrating mechanic. Hope this gets read and taken into consideration! edit: added the following link with an example All I did was: - set a ward - rightclick to send Kata deep into midlane - (smartcasted) E on the ward As you can see, she stops there after Shunpo.
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