Takes forever to connect to games Help Please

So I didnt play League for about a week, I usually play at least 1 game everyday. Since I came back I launched 2 games, the first one, I was stuck at 70% for 10 minutes then I got kicked of the loading screen and saw that my team remaked (obviously) second game I launched (few day after) I also take like 5 min to load in the game this time they didnt remake but I had 3 levels behind. Ive never had this problem before, I dont have the best gaming computer but it is running league perfectly since 2 years, and I dont have any issue with any other game (Cs GO, Battlerite, etc) Also my connection is stable and very good (I play on 36 ms constant). And I didnt change or installed anything new on my computer Should I contact the support or ? Also this happened before and after the new patch so I dont think it is related to the patch 9.1 but who knows. Feels really bad man, Cs Go already took me away from league a little bit, but now if this keeps happening I dont think its worth playing if I have to wait forever before each game

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