Trolling problems -_-

It's already clear , you try to play a ranked game and you end up playing with a troller for no reason at all ! I know what you will say , "Report them for feeding or x9 them so they get banned....This will help reduce the number of trollers...." Actually that's not okay for me or any other players , I can keep reporting them until there is no one of them remaining , but till that happen how much LP will I pay 1000000000 millions ? how in the world is this supposed to be fair ! You play ranked trying all your best to climb while your mother is dying and you are playing a video game because you love it and you end up with a troller tilting you and making you lose LP FOR NO REASON AT ALL ! I don't care if you ban that player or even find his house or take him to jail this won't get my lost LP ! We can't even do something about it once we are in-game ! We can't remake or do anything ... you just have to lose the game and Shut your mouth !! Are you okay with that ? Do you know how much redicilous it feels , especially in a low elo ! We are already suffering from people playing champs in their wrong lanes ! There's many choices for a support champs or Adc ! But they pick something else even thou they're not premades ! I accept that even if I know it's dumb , at least they are trying...But to end up with a troller and 100% you're losing that game and you can't even Quit or agree to remake or anything ! Just wooow ! Guess what I give up !! Why should I keep playing if this will happen over and over and over , I'll be wasting my time ! It feels like "oh , looks like you're going to climb 1 division :D , nope not today !!....TROLLEEER !!!!! want to try again and forget about it I know what you need :D....another TROLLER !!!" Exactly !!! So yeah I have some ideas for this and I think you could improve it better than me , this is the second time I'm giving you ideas for something anoying about the game : - You could allow a remake if : any players surpass 10 deaths in 5 min which is obviously someone trolling because no one dies that much times in 5min even if they are noobs . - Allow a remake if 6 players agree to a vote of a trolling...why 6 ? Because without the one who is trolling it will be 4 from your team , but sometimes the team may decide to do that in order to remake and not lose the game , so defenitly you can't keep it for the ally team only to decide , and why it's 6 instead of 9 ? Well , because simply the enemy team will not all agree for that , they will like to keep playing and win a free game , so 6 players would be enough , 2 players from the enemy team can agree there is a high possibility that 2 players in the enemy team want to win a fair game , of course it's up to you to think about it . -If you don't want these kind of solutions then you can at least give back the LP that a player lost after that game if you check the report and find out it was true , because that player is doing his best already , he end up with trollers and unfair teammates ! I mean sometimes you get queued with Bronze 4 Players against Silver 2 players like you're asking them to lose and then don't expect a troller ! - Of course : Permanently ban the troller , because if you don't know the number of trollers have increased because it doesn't matter if you report them or not ! They just keep playing like nothing happened ! And I'm sure about that because my friend got a x8 report for trolling and wasn't banned ! Is it clear ?

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