plz give me back my stuff

I try to play games, costum games work, as soon as I play ranked I join champion select and then in the loading screen I always disconnect. Ive lost so much lp becuase of your client not working and ive got a penalty for five games(20 minutes) and today I lost more than 30 lp becuase the client doesnt work properly. This isnt the first time it happen to my friend and me so many times, plz fix this problem, plz help me to fix the problem and plz if its possible, plz, plz, remove the afk low priority and give me back my lp, atleast what I lost today. I dont think its fair that someone that is actully trying to play the game get punished like this, atleast when its not that person fault, but the clients fault. My client hasnt had any issues in a long time untill today. Why today? I dont know I havent changed anything since last time I played and it worked.
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