How can I restore default league controls when custom ones persist through reinstalling?

I changed controls years ago by doing [these]( modifications to input.ini and now they are stuck on my account. Deleting the game and reinstalling doesnt work, and neither does deleting input.ini, persistedsettings.json and game.cfg and going into tutorial(custom games arent currently avaialble). My input.ini file doesnt even have half of the stuff I initially put in but somehow that functionality is still in the game. I have attackmove+click bound on left click and normal left click function bound to clicking the scrollwheel. Scrolling is also disabled. This is still how I want play normal league but its really annoying in TFT(I wish it didnt use same controls as league itself). Now I'm mostly just interested in TFT so it would be really nice to get the normal controls back.
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