System Error - Game loss

So i was just in a Game, whilst we were winning an Error Occured [Error]( so an error can Happen anytime and altough the moment was quite unfortunate. I started loggin in go back on lane... Same Error Occured after 30seconds or smth like that Okay Log back in Again that was when i realized... well my whole team expect Illaoi is standing in base? so i asked if someone had same error no one answered... Crash Occured... log back in until end of game when the Alistar talked in After Game Lobby about exact same phenomen of getting the System Error. For some reason no one of the Opponents got any Critical Errors.. So were the 4 of us just Unlucky or is there some issue going on? Or could this be some third party programm from opponents to make us lose? Hope this issue gets somehow solved.
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