Gemstone still gives Hextech Chest instead of Masterwork Chest

League of Legends Is Changing Gemstone Chest Crafting
Gemstones in League of Legends will soon be upgradeable into a Masterwork Chest as opposed to a normal Hextech Chest following a request from players.If you're lucky enough to find a Gemstone, you've got a couple of different options in League of Legends' crafting system. While you can save [...]
#Update: Masterwork chest is now active Also note that you can get your gemstone refunded if you had cashed it in before this feature went live, just submit a ticket to Support and they should be able to sort it out for you! _Source:_ (Check Riot_Mort's comment) _Original:_ Riot announced (after a Reddit user proposed the change) that they were going to change the chest you get from using a Gemstone from a Hextech Chest to a Masterwork Chest. Changes were supposed to go through in Patch 8.10 (went live this morning) yet the Hextech Chest is showing up and not the new (promised) Masterwork Chest. Are the changes still coming or have they been delayed/cancelled? ___ #Shiny: Masterwork chests, which only contain cosmetics, will now be available for 1 gemstone in place of Hextech chests.
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