Someone using my account for the past 3 months

I haven't played league in a while, and i got an email about my username needing to be updated. So i checked it out, did the update and noticed that the match history shows games that i never played spanning the last 3 months (i haven't logged on since about january), i have changed my password but that's all i know what to do, i never got an email about in login attempts from an unrecognised computer or any other security measures... I have sent a support ticket but it feels like i'm being ignored, they just gave me some rubish copy paste about username information that doesn't help since it doesn't give links to change my username or activate security features. My questions on the support ticket are : How do i activate 2 factor authentication? How do i change my username since the site does not give me an option to? What do i do about the person trying to access my account? They have submitted a password reset email after i changed the password, so obviously they are still trying to get back into my account, what else can i do to prevent them from succeeding again? Any assisstance would be greatly appreciated.
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