ARAM is crawling with bots and nothing seems to be done against it.

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Everyone who has been playing ARAM more than occasionally in the last months knows the problem: ARAM is full of bots. The problem is most visible when you play in the mornings when fewer players are online but the same amount of bots. I have had games where each team had 2-3 bots. The problem has been reported in dozens of threads already in the last YEARS, but more than "we don't ignore it, we are doing something against it" does not seem to come from the makers of the game. Sure, we can report the bots, but that does not help if there is nothing done with the reports. When you look at match histories of bots, they have been playing 24/7 for days and weeks. They must have been reported dozens of times, but nothing happens to them. Then there is the occasional answer "we can not know for sure if they are bots or just inexperienced players". Please, that's just such a lame excuse. Inexperienced players don't play one ARAM after another day in, day out and keep running straight into the enemies as if they don't know they can turn back for a second. And even if there _were_ players so inexperienced and learn-resistant as a bot, they are such a low fraction that some simple things like captchas ought to weed out the bots without much inconvenience for those few players. How do I suspect someone is a bot? When the game loading screen shows they do not have masteries, they have a Tibbers icon and only low-level summoner's spells, I start suspecting them. When I see them waiting at the outer tower for the first minion wave and after that just run head first forward until they find something to fight, die, respawn, repeat, I am pretty sure they are bots. When I then see a match history that shows ARAM after ARAM and always the same item builds for the last days without pause, I know they are a machine, simply because humans have to eat and sleep once in a while. A few examples of bots here (after some time you can even see from their names that they probably are bots): 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. (to be continued)
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