Increased Ping

Usually i play with a steady 75ms ping on EUW and EUNE but every now and then this ping gets increased by 20 for few days or even a week and then goes back to it's normal state...Right now i'm playing with a steady 96-97ms ping.I know for a fact that actually thousands European players face this shit because i saw a lot of similar posts over the last 6-7 months...Obviously we all ran Hextech Repair Tool and we followed the tips that Riot giving to everyone who ask something related to ping...This issue only occurs during Season 9...I never faced something similar before and believe me i played the game with extremely bad internet connections in the past...I suppose that i have to take that as an Handicap when i'm trying to carry the endless trolls in your game...I could flame the shit out of you degenerate employees but i will not because nothing will change feels bad man Let's buy a couple of skins now Kapp PS I'm also playing Dota 2 and i never faced any ping problems...
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