Sudden ping spikes after update

My ping is consistently 20 and has been for however long I can remember, it suddenly spikes to 70 and during the spikes it feels like I am losing connection entirely. While many would say it is likely connected to a service provider issue, I can tell you a fact it is not. I have logged all my pings and my ping to chrome and my ISP is consistent. I even performed this check during a game of league. My ping did not swing anywhere else than league of Legends. This makes it almost impossible to play as I get 0.5-1.5 seconds of complete inability to control my character. I have so far used the hextech tool, and done a full repair of the client. Neither of these yielded any results so I reinstalled League of legends still yielding no results. If anyone else is having this issue and / or knows how to fix it I would be grateful.
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