coinflip matchmaking.

i dont know if this is because of the introduction of grandmaster and iron, or if its because positional rankings might be active on euw but hidden. or if its because there is no mmr gap. but matchmaking is absolutely garbage right now. every game is a coinflip, it changed drastically from the end of last season and now. the moment someone is going below 50% winrate that person will just get free wins handed to them. please remove positional rank matchmaking if its active, cause everytime theres a D4 or D3 top laner facing my P4 top laner, he just gets completely slaugthered and goes 0-10 in 15 minutes. its not like before where if someone does bad you can still carry if you play well, its just over now. even if i play bad ill win the coinflip games if the coin flipped luckily for me.
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