[Resolved] [19-12-2019] - Reconnect issues

Hey all, It seems there are some ongoing issues with people getting stuck after their game ended (I just experienced the same) and not being able to get into new games. To keep things clean on the Boards, let's combine everything about this issue in this main topic. That way it's easier for everyone to get a good overview of the problem, when it is solved and maybe a workaround or two. **Currently the following issues seem to be going on:** - Players getting stuck into the "reconnect" screen after completing their game - Players not being able to start their game getting stuck on the "Your game will start soon" screen - Players not being able to join queue with an "attempt to join queue has failed" message - Buggy/laggy client Currently it seems there isn't much to do about it except waiting. **** _***~~UPDATE~~***_ _(22:00 CET 19/12)_ - Riot is aware of the ongoing issues and should be working on fixing it as soon as possible. Until then, my personal recommendation is to **not** restart your client as the queue has become pretty long. You can find more updated information on the [service status](https://status.riotgames.com/?region=euw&locale=en_GB&product=all). _***~~UPDATE~~***_ _(22:40 CET 19/12)_ - Riot updated their service status and made the game client temporarily unavailable. The game will be unavailable until 22:30 GMT on 19/12 while they attempt to resolve the issues. _***~~UPDATE~~***_ _(22:25 CET 19/12)_ - Downtime extended to 23:00 GMT on 19/12 _***~~UPDATE~~***_ _(23:00 CET 19/12)_ - Seems like it works again for most people, please make sure to restart your client if it doesn't already. If it doesn't work afterwards, feel free to still leave a comment and see if other are still experiencing the same. _***~~UPDATE~~***_ _(01:00 CET 20/12)_ - Although the problems seemed fixed for some time and some players are able to join their games, a lot of players seem to experience the same issues once again after completing their game. Seems like Riot will have to continue working on these issues, keep an eye out for the service status for further updates. _***~~UPDATE~~***_ _(10:00 CET 20/12)_ - The issues still seem to be present at this point. Reading Riot's status update in the Client, Riot seems to be aware and are invistigating the cause of the issue. As of now there is no ETA on when the issues will be resolved. Issues only seem to affect players on the EUW server using the Windows platform. My personal advice is to **not** join ranked queues until the issues are resolved _***~~UPDATE~~***_ _(15:40 CET 20/12)_ - An emergency repair has commenced and servers will be shut down during this process. Please stand by for more information. _*~~UPDATE~~*_ _(17:00 CET 20/12)_ - Servers are back up and running! Please report if any issues are still occuring.
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