Disconnected and unable to rejoin game

Hey, for the last 10 days or so I've been unable to play League of Legends due to getting disconnected, then being unable to reconnect to the game. My internet connection seems fine, I usually have other programs running that are unaffected, but I still can't reconnect to the game. I've only been able to reconnect during one single game, after around 10 minutes of trying. Others on my network are able to play just fine, with no issues and quite stable low-ping connection. In my troubleshooting I've ran the Hextech Repair Tool, repair-function from the launcher, turning off firewall, turning off antivirus, disconnecting and reconnecting cable connection, swapping from cable connection to 4G phone connection, using VPN (was worth a shot), disabling IPv6 and swapping to Google DNS. I've also made sure the first steps I tried have been done with and without any other programs running, although I don't know about background programs that could be running that aren't shown in the system tray or otherwise. So, as it is, the only thing I can think of is doing a full reinstall, but due to my limited bandwidth I would prefer not to, so I'm looking for any other possible solutions. I also saw it mentioned (in my endless googling) that getting a copy of someone else's install could lead to other problems. Should also mention this is exclusive to League of Legends, no other games or services have this problem for me. Edit: Forgot this happens several minutes into the game. Some games it's 5 minutes, others have been as late as **20+ minutes into the game**.

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