Fix your damn EUW Servers

Ok guys, I just bought some Little Legends and now i cant use them, because im unfortunate enough to happen to be playing on EUW. This doesnt seem like a bug which is part of TFT since its working on literally any other Region that has already launched it. And all that after some people waited HOURS to get into a game. A friend had a 8 Man Group and they STILL had to wait 16 Minutes until they could get started. And not only is TFT broken af but the whole Game is a Pain in the A** and is reminding everyone of the Clash Disaster. So fix your god damn servers. You already recently made RP more expencive, so use that fricking Money and get some Server that are not made of Toiletpaper and/or compensate your EUW Playerbase for your incompetence. Seriously, everytime something exciting comes up, i get a headache because of you! {{sticker:sg-shisa}}
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