Sound Glitches and FPS stutters

As the title says. It happens at completely random games: My sound stutters through the entire game, as well as my fps. I get seconds where the game is completely mute, then it stutters again. In between it disappears and reappears 2 minutes later. Also, my average FPS in those games is also lower than usually. It's usually 200+ and in those games it's between 80 and 100. This is since the last patch. I already had those problems on PBE and posted it on the boards but no one reacted to it. Now it's on live and it's ruining the fun of every game where it happens. Especially the sound is really annyoing and I feel myself becoming aggressive because of it. Does anyone know what it is? Is it a mistake on my side? Can I fix it? Or do I have to wait for a fix from Riot?
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