Ranked struggles

i have played over 700 games of ranked this seasons and about a month ago i peeked at plat 5 around 80 LP! i was so happy and everything but then i started to get a LOT of flamers, afkers and feeders/inters... since then i have been loosing and being demoted quite a few times... i have tried everything but nothing works for me... i just can not win more games then i lose and my mmr is so bad that even if i win 2 / 3 games after 1 loss almost all the proggress is gone... and i just got demoted to gold 4 and i just dont know how to win more... and it doesnt matter how well i play and how much i try to lead and hype my team but it just wont work! i just needed to vent if you have any tips or something that might help me up my lp gain or anything would be nice. hope you are doing well and bruising to your goals !
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