I sent riot a ticket and it got me suspended

Before I get to the main point of my thread ( my idefinite suspension) I must start at the beginning. So... I was contemplating buying some RP to buy the new ADC boxes when I realised I have been spending a lot of money on LoL and I wanted to have an exact number just out of sheer curiosity. So I sent Riot a ticket asking about how much money I have spent on RP for this account - but curiosity killed the cat and in this case it suspended it for suspicious behaviour. That's how my noble quest to retrieve my account begins; I started by providing a second e-mail from which I had to prove I am the original creator of the account. Mighty Ted from Player Support told me "In order to assist you further, I have to verify you as the account creator. This might look as quite a bit of info, however please understand that we take these steps in order to ensure the safety of our players' accounts. Also please do your best to answer as many questions as possible.", so I did my best to answer any that I could... only so he could reply that I should answer all of them even if I had no exact answer since "Any answer is better than no answer - they don't have to be the precise ones, just try to remember as much as you can. :)". And so I did my best to answer questions like when the account was created (DD/MM/YYYY) what the first 5 champions purchased where and which were my first my first 3150/4800/6300 IP champs just to state a few of the questions that I had no exact answer since I created this account about 5 years ago and have forgoten some stuff. After I answered as best as I could I paitiently waited for a reply, but I did not get one even after I sent some e-mails back asking if there was any problems and stating that they could also contact me on the mobile number that I have linked to the account. Now it has been two days without an answer which seems weird, since the first time the reply only took 10 minutes. I can't understand what my acts of "suspicious behaviour" were and there was no clarification by the system that suspended me. So I have posted on Reddit and now here looking for advice and if I'm lucky the attention of a Riot employee to help me retrieve my account that has accompanied me all the way from season 2.
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