Loading screen working, game not launching

I'm really god damn pissed. I play for 45 minutes, doing my best on mid lane carrying my team to gain the 20 lp i lose right after by a game bug. I joined lobby picked my champion got into loading screen, the wheel is turning im getting more and more % and then it stops at 100%. I still see the wheel going round so i think that its just lobby that takes longer than normal i still can click other players icons see their mastery etc. Then launcher goes off i get back to the finish game screen just to see that there was a remake and that i was afk for 3 minutes while the loading screen worked god damn perfectly for me, my pc is fine, my connection is fine. There is nothing on my side that could anyhow cause this problem, the loading screen didn't lag even for a second. And it didn't happen once, it's probably the third time it happened to me. Please tell me what can i do to fix this or fix the %%%%ing client that lags since season 1 and has random bugs all the time. Also did anyone got same problem ? If yes please answer in the poll.
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