someone is playing on my account

i havent played in a week now, and i come online. my legendary name LoliHentaiLover got changed to this stupid name, my 9 gemstones got used on stuff that i dont even know, all my champ shards got used. so i wanted to change my pasword but its linked to my old email which i cant acces anymore (i have been playing this game for 5-6 years now). i send 2 tickets to riot now but still no answer. if riot would look at my match history they would see that my most recent matches invovles yasuo and zed (the 2 champs i hate the most), also they where all normal (i almost never play normal). i would love that riot where to contact me or at least respond to my tickets, cuz i payed tons on this game and now some kid is just %%%%ing up my account that i spended a lot of time and money in. also i got a leaverbuster cuz of this dude -_-

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