Leave on purpose for remake?

Hello, I was gonna swap with my support but the trade thing didnt work, it was loading infinitely for some reason so we ended up starting the game as me as support and the support as adc.. we both had wrong masteries/runes etc and she appanarely never played adc.. So my question is, will I get punished for my leave? I sacrifised myself for a remake for us, because it's not fair for us to lose because of trade being buggy. I dont care about IP/mmr loss it's whatever, it sucks but it's whatever. Please if I did get punished remove it, you can probably see in your server logs that something happened in champ select so we couldnt trade.. I'm not lying you can see the chat logs aswell.. TLDR: Will I get punished for sacfirising myself for the teamm, because the trade bugged in champ select so neither of us could swap?

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