Update on Downtime (04/12/2019)

Edit: Server is back on now. **Note from Emissary**: Hey, I think there's a misunderstanding. Yatsuki is not a Rioter and she's not a technician working for Riot or something like that either. She's part of the Volunteer program, along with people like me. She's also not a Wrenchman anymore due to restructuring, but that'd be too complicated to explain so let's just say she knows her way around with tech-stuff and can sometimes help players with some issues. However, as she said, she doesn't have much more information than anyone else. We're just members of the community as well. We don't know what's going on either, we can only make educated guesses based on how Riot usually operates. Or we can tell whatever Riot is posting on Twitter or anywhere else, in case people didn't see that, since we're usually a bit more informed in that area. **Original Post**: Hi, I know a ton of you are angry, so I reached out to a Wrenchman directly and got this for you, explained you're all annoyed and this is the response I got from them. Thanks to @Yatsuki (Wrenchman) for the update! https://i.imgur.com/BuZ1WKP.png ** FYI: Server is back on, you can all go back to being nerds (like myself) :)**
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