Hello Community and League Staff, I'm part of the active player base of LoL and never gave anyone my account information or something like that. On December 8th, 2018 I played my last game of League on my Account "Dirty Mailman" at around 2 AM. The same day at 12 AM I wanted to log back in and play some Ranked, but the client wouldn't accept my password so I decided to use the good old "Forgot Password" option. I didn't receive any emails on my linked E-Mail address. So I went ahead and used the "Forgot Username" (also with my standard E-Mail address). Then I received a mail to recover a password to this account I'm now posting the thread on. This Account is level 1 and has a completely different username and summoner name, which I did not create. Yet this level 1 account is somehow connected to this my E-mail address. Therefore I wonder what happened to my real account. Did it get stolen or relinked or disabled, I don't know. When you search "Dirty Mailman" (my actual level 140 account) you still find it on EUW with all my champs, runes, rank, etc., but there is no chance for me to log into it because I think it got relinked with an E-Mail address that's not mine. I'm absolutely clueless, especially because I don't know anyone who could possibly log into my League Account and my E-Mail Account. I changed all my passwords and already wrote a ticket. I tried pretty much everything I know of. I think it would even help if Riot just looks up the E-Mail address that's now connected to "Dirty Mailman". I'm really desperate since I invested quite some time and money into this account. I really hope that this problem will be fixed and someone sees this thread because my ticket definitely wasn't so successful. Thanks in advance Dirty Mailman
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