I been reply you on NA about a situation i have , every time i switch from wi-fi to lan my game dosn't autoreconnect back to the game ,further more if i move my cable from lan and it pass on wi-fi i have to make it more tight in the lan port so i am getting back connected to the game via lan , i can't reconnect and play on wi-fi because it just dosn't work... I have fiber power internet line into home up too 1000 mbps speed contract (https://www.speedtest.net/result/8474316483) ,right into a router inside my home not only on street ... , and i get 3200 ,11 000 ms inside game on wi-fi spikes of this kind , while i get back to 54 ms after some seconds... . I been playing this game on wi-fi before never had such issues ,so tehnical speaking is extremly weird now that i can't anymore play on wi-fi , i used to have like 53 ms ping on wi-fi , in the conditions i have 2 internet providers at my home ... , i don't think that my internet is so weak to ain't handle this game on wi-fi , but it seems like this game have huge programming problems in this sense.. When i am in loading screen if i am passing from lan to wi-fi again it gives me an error of loading scree that my internet isn't active or something closing it , then have to reconnect on wi-fi or lan is up to me ... but why thinghs can't be simple , why is that complicate ,why the reconnect system dosn't work proper.... , and your team dosn't seems to loss time to fix this problem i signal to you.
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