I have been banned

I am writing this from an account I rarely use. My main account has the same name "Rismosch", but it is on the EUW server. This acount has a very low level, so I couldn't post in "Off-Topic". I apologize for that. --- --- --- Honestly, I am pissed. I am angry while writing this, so keep that in mind. I am especially mad because I don't see why I deserved the ban. If I would've broke the rules, fine. Ban me and I don't complain. But I honestly think the ban is undeserved. So let me explain what got me banned in the first place: There was a post (now deleted), where OP asked how much worth his/her account was. I thought it was a joke, but whatever. There was a user which commented the following: Accounts are worthless as stated in the ToU. It's not exactly what he/she said, but the matter should be the same. However, this is not how economics works. Basically price is dependant on demand, and there are markets on the internet where accounts are traded. Of course those markets are illegal, but illegal markets are still markets and the rules still apply: Price is dependant on demand. Just a few minutes after I said that, the post was deleted and I got a banned for "Account Sharing". I really don't understand this. Why do I deserve to be banned? - I did not share an account - I did not buy an account - I did not sell an account - I did not promote account sharing All I did was inform people about how economics works. Even though account trading is illegal, the basic rules for economics still apply. And this is exactly what I said. And I got banned for that. If informing people about the holocaust and explaining the history of nazi-germany is illegal, then all historians should be put in jail, no? Of course racism is a bad thing and today it's illegal, but talking about it is still allowed, isn't it? Of course account sharing is illegal because of Riots ToU, but talking about it should still be allowed, shouldn't it? So I want to know, why I was banned. And if there is no reason for the ban, then I want the ban to be removed ASAP. --- https://i.imgur.com/2Hz4axA.png
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