League Client issues, In game issues.... are riot aware?

Hey Gents, So for the past few days the league client has had many issues, from not being able to function to crashing or during the champ selection the game will not allow you to lock in, or you will lock in your champ and the game kicks you out of the lobby as if you had not. inability to create lobbys in any game mode, to use any of the client pages... store ect... Had a few 10 min Dodge timers from instances where i have smashed the lock in button, the game "accepts" the command but the timer still drops and it gets classed as a dodge? Another issue im finding is during the game there are plenty of bugs and issues, in my last game, the Ryze had used his root ability on a Warwick, yet it didnt affect even though the debuff icon was there? Are Riot aware of all of this? im not a forum browser so i wouldnt really know? Honestly feels like League should be dropped out for a couple of hours so they can implement a fix for all this. Id rather that then be having constant bugs, glitches and crashing.... then be punished for the clients issues?
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