Twitch Prime linking account for the crown capsule, need help..

I subscribed to Twitch Premium to receive the INVOCATOR'S CROWN CAPSULE containing a random legendary skin fragment. But the 2nd step which is about linking the twitch account to the League of Legends account always sends me to a window displaying **"There was an error linking your account, please try again."** I tried to use Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, internet explorer and even my phone browser, always removing the cache and allowing the cookies of riot games and lolesports but without results: the link error always takes place. Does anyone know a way..?{{sticker:cass-cry}} Update - I have sent a ticket to the support, and after very few messages back and forth they provided me the twitch capsule directly into my account, bypassing the issue. (Got final boss veigar btw) {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} So the issue was not fixed apparently but yeah, you can manadge to get the twitch capsule anyway if you try submitting a ticket
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