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Just wanted to check if anyone had a similar situation. I'm in my promos from Silver to Gold, lost the first one, wanted to play another one. So the champ select starts, and the account gets suspended during champ select. A text pops up saying something along the lines of "Your account has been suspended for 14 days, the client will now exit", naturally leading me to forfeit the game (so I'm on two losses now). LET ME JUST SAY - I'm not disputing the suspension, as that would be pointless and childish. I know why I got suspended, and I agree with it. Likewise, I am under no disillusionment that Riot Games possesses the most morally upright community of virtuous individuals in the world, and the company itself has meticulously and compendiously studied the extensive discourse on penalisation systems, stretching back to times immemorial, when designing their punitive system. Therefore, arguing about the principles of justice and providing a sociological analysis of the justifications of bad behaviour and the potential for rehabilitation would be laughable when confronted with the intellectual arsenal of a 20-something year old gaming-prodigy-hopes-to-be-an-attorney, and is undoubtedly well-versed in the multifacetous nature of penal matters having an unquestionably fathomless grasp of concepts debated by scholars with decades of attentive study in the field, who bills Riot by the hour when deciding who gets suspended or not. They really put the likes of Plato or Grotius to shame, and God how I wish Riot Games were more involved in matters of jurisprudence and the penal branch - what a wonderful place the world would be! Makes you wonder why they removed the Tribunal; that pinnacle of efficiency and justice in all judicial questions, much reminiscent of that warped people's court in Batman: The Dark Night Rises. Just hit PUNISH and hope the IP pops in. I think they modelled that after the Soviet people's courts of the early 1920s. Anyway, please excuse my interjectory glorification of Riot's intimate acquaintance with the operation of penal systems, let's get back to the topic. Like I said, I don't have an issue with the suspension. What I do have an issue with is the arbitrariness of the situation. I mean, if I pressed Play 3 minutes earlier I would have been in-game and got the suspension after the match finished, and maybe I would have won that game. Then again, maybe I would have lost? Who knows? Or maybe I would've gone to take a leak, came back and saw that the suspension kicked in? But no, my match counted as a lost game because the client kicked me during champ select. Doesn't really bother me as I've got a few other accounts. What I do want to know is - has anyone been through a similar situation and is it worth it to open a ticket in order to get the loss rescinded? Do they even do that? Many thanks, Some Random Dude
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