Am i still worthy of a permanent ban?

Now, I'd like to give you some insight into my situation, I got banned in season 3, I was a noob, I must of played around 100 ranked games however I desperately wanted the golden border - at the time however I spent most of my student loans on this game and had the best skins at the time, many of which cant be bought today. A "friend" helped me do it however really wanted to continually play on my account, he blackmailed me and when I recovered it he sent in a report saying I attempted to sell my account to him. A few years past and I now have worked up an account to diamond but still miss my old account so much, I sent several emails but all were rejected, I guess I deserved it because I was such an idiot at the time but after so long does anyone think I have a chance of getting my old - first account back? Why do I find this unfair? It seems now riot are more reluctant on the situation, I've done thorough research and my friend sent me this after he got banned, it just feels pretty harsh that most accounts are given a 2 week ban now or stripped from titles, would really love it back. .^ Posted on reddit and suprisingly got mostly positive comments, idk guys, miss the account so much, dont want to send another email to waste mine/riots time, if a support member is reading and would like to go further please respond, thanks.
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