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Hi I am a Filipino, I made an account because i want to share to you my imagination about to LoL. And I have skin suggestion for you. 1. Lady of the Sun Orianna. It was cool if Orianna have the sun, on this skin Orianna handled the sun, her 1st skill, she can control the sun that she has, 2nd skill she give sunlight to the sun, and 3rd skill her barrier was color orange. 2. If you didn't want the number 1 skin of Orianna this one. Lady/Queen of the Planet Orianna. This is like an Elementalist Lux that has transformation, Orianna can handle all of the planets, like Earth, Mars etc., her first one was Earth Orianna which he holding the Earth an she can control it to the enemy, like that she can control another planets. 3. Frozen Terror Brand. It was cool to say that this is a new for me, his 1st skill was he throwing a snowball, 2nd skill was the circle and inside of that was snow flake look. 3rd skill was a color blue flame, and the Ultimate was the big snowball that he throws to the enemies, when the enemy got stunned it looks like he was frost by brand 4. Heartseeker Kai'sa. in the middle of Kaisa's was a heart obviously, then the circle that she has was a color pink. 5. Demon Queen Kayle and Angel Queen Morgana. this time i want to make Morgana was good and Kayle was evil, and the color of their wings was morgana has white wings and kayle has black wings and Morgana skills was so good, like the her 1st skill was when the enemy got stunned there are a halo on the side and it is color white. and her 2nd ability looks like heaven Thank you for listening my imagination. I hope you like it, i wish you give it to that champs that i've wish for. thank you And my true account in the Philippines was like my username here too, thank you
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