After 9 years of playing, Account got banned

So basicly after almost 10 years of playing, countless hours spend and over 1000€ invested into the account, i was "The guy" everybody liked playing with. Made a mistake - admited it Somebody does good - Praised him Somebody did something stupid - didnt flame Every won game - congratulated the enemy team Every lost game - praised the enemy team for good game And now what happend is that im waiting almost 3 months for my internet connection and it still isnt activated, i was of course inactive from LoL. And now ive got free 50 gb data from my internet provider as a appology because the internet takes ages to get set up. Now i wanted to enjoy some LoL again with my friends since i only play with a selected group of people (IRL friends) Guess what... Account Suspended for "Irregular activity" Ok here comes the problem now, ive sent a ticket ofcourse. But the problem is that i cant remember the things ive first bought 10 years ago. I dont remember on what skins or champions ive used my Refunds. So basicly im screwed, there is no way for me to recover my account anymore since i dont remember that stuff anymore. Suggestions?
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