I recently started coaching my wife in league so we can play together. I am mainly an ARAM guy.She likes ARAM as well.I play some games with her account on Summoner's Rift so i can lv her up a bit and go ARAM together while she is sleeping at nights. As soon as i hit the required level for Aram i went there so i dont snowball the Summoner's rift's newbies,and because i am bored of that map. I joined ARAM...after 10 minute queue i joined a game. Me and one more guy were humans,all the rest of our team was bots. 4 people from the enemy team were bots,only 1 human. I reported every single one of them. At the course of one week i repeatedly get matched against Leveling bots in ARAM.The queue is always 5 minutes + If i enter with my own account that problem does not occur since there are more players at 30 LV so playing with bots is highly unlikely. The ONLY way to play ARAM is if i Duo Queue My 30 LV account and her 15 lv Account but she is not ready for that,the other players are simply more skilled than her since she has no idea what all the heroes are capable of. Tl;dr After Midnight,in EUNE,if you are below 30 lv,you will almost always match up against bots. Reports doesnt seem to have any effect since i have reported the same bots multiple times and i keep getting matched against the same Bots over and over again.

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