Unanswared questions about Hextech Crafting

2016 Season Update
Skip to main content We're introducing a new system called " Hextech Crafting" with two goals in mind: one, create a new way to pick up randomized loot at large discounts (we're tuning the drop stats here but, if you want something specific, a direct purchase will still be the most efficient), and two (this one may be more important for some of you), allow players to earn their way toward champions or skins for their in-game accomplishments.
Ok, I read this page but I have some question..because I think some of the old players like me, would like to know this: * If I have all the champions, will I still get champion essence? Cause it's useless to me. * Will I be able to use my IP in anyway in this crafting system? Cause I'm sitting on 200k+ ip, and I bought everything that I could buy. I would really like to get an answer to this. ^^

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