[TOOL] check your lag before starting a ranked game

Hi there, every fifth game or so, people spamping their lags to show that they can't really play league now. Feelsbadman if you're are currently in a ranked game. i wrote a small tool in c++ (windows only) that simply executes a ping request to the server for you and tells you, how to interpret the results. Additionally, **it can reset your network setting (ip flush/release/renew) if you want**. i only use this for myself before i start a ranked game, to be sure my roommates don't download the whole internet while i'm playing and be able to fix my network. you can basically do everything in your windows bash yourself, but i was just too lazy :) not sure if it works on every windows machine, feel free to test and use it **supports EUW/EUNE/NA/OCE/LAN now** **UPDATE:** due to scared people ('it's an .exe file'), i added the sourcecode on the website.
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