Egypt: Ping just fine, game seems to have heavy packet loss only with riot servers

Its getting quite frustrating to be frank. I know there were many posts about this, but our situation is pretty crappy. You get in game just fine. Walk to lane just fine. Display your level 5 emote to tilt your enemy just fine. Minions spawn? Oh shit you're %%%%ed. You try and run, get outta lane before minions get there, but you are too late. Once minions enter lane everything goes to shit, everyone stuttering, you seem to see people in fog of war, minions dont die or move, you cant move, and turrets dont hit or have health bars. You begin to panic, so you check your ping, and its.... 100ms.... You exit the game and cry yourself to sleep. You wake up the next day and try a VPN. it works 50% of the time (I tried both HSS and CyberGhost), and when it does 300 ping with delayed sounds. Please riot help us QQ
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