It has been one year and the client still does not remember how you want to sort your champions

I first posted this issue on December 11th 2017 > [{quoted}](name=C4rolijn91,realm=EUW,application-id=VnI9tlaf,discussion-id=IFV94cm5,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-11-12T19:01:30.571+0000) > > So there's this cool new feature that you can sort the champions not only alphabetically but also by mastery or by some pre-favorited thing. > > But the client always defaults back to alphabetically every time. I personally like to sort by mastery always so I go into champ select and have to select by mastery for pick intent, then for my ban it jumps back to alphabetically, I need to reselect by mastery, then for my pick it again jumps back to alphabetically and I again have to reselect by mastery. Next game, the same again, alphabetically by default. > > So here's my suggestion: Make the client remember by what you sorted last time. So if I want my pick intent sorted by mastery, by mastery is selected by default every time unless I have changed it. And if I want my bans sorted by favorite make the client remember that. You get the idea.
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