Connection problems : 20 connected computers

Hello everybody ! First, i'm sorry if there are any mistakes. I come to you because i help for an organization of a tournament. This morning, we connected 20 computers at the same time on a switch (so they have all the same IP). A game was launched first on 10 computers (so 5vs5), and during this game, it was impossible to connect LoL to the others computers (the error : when we enter good username and password, the message "Authenticate..." appears and doesn't desappear. At the end of the game, it was impossible to launch other games, the message "Trying to reconnect" appears, and all the computers have this problem. We tried everything, but it's impossible to connect to LoL while we are staying on the same connection (cable). But i don't know if we try to change IP. On a 4G connection or on turkish LoL servers (on the same cable connection ; we are initially on EU WEST servers), the problem doesn't exist : we can connect to LoL servers and we can play. After 3 hours searching forsolutions, we thought that LoL took this massive connection as an attack and that LoL blocked our IP. We contacted the LoL support by ticket, but we thought that the answer will not be fast. Our tournament continue tomorrow at 10 AM (in France, so in 9 hours), and we wish contact the LoL support quickly. So, my question is basic : can you help us to give this message at them ? We think it's hard but we thought that the forum is faster that the support ticket. Maybe it's wrond ! ;) Thank you, Cordially.
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