I got perma band wtf?

here is is the chat, So i was playing draft pick and i got adc, and tmy support got draven support and was just stealing all my farm. Game 1 XeNvictus: report draven XeNvictus: report draven please. XeNvictus: hes trolling XeNvictus: he got supp and picked addc. XeNvictus: bloody liar XeNvictus: hes mad becuz i bannend kayn XeNvictus: he dodged last q and pickedddddd kaayn supp XeNvictus: draven XeNvictus: stop stealinng my farm XeNvictus: UR SYUYPP XeNvictus: feel free to kill him XeNvictus: hes crying XeNvictus: draven XeNvictus: stoop takkin my farm XeNvictus: you know your support XeNvictus: report draven XeNvictus: trrolooling XeNvictus: hes taking my farm XeNvictus: so i cant level XeNvictus: so if im a support XeNvictus: i am adc XeNvictus: ok XeNvictus: i like ur logic XeNvictus: as thicc as cho gath XeNvictus: cho ggath XeNvictus: would you like it XeNvictus: if i came totp XeNvictus: if i was mid laner XeNvictus: ok good XeNvictus: report draven XeNvictus: trolling XeNvictus: report XeNvictus: draven XeNvictus: he knows he was support XeNvictus: draven knwos he support XeNvictus: but hes playing thinking hes adc XeNvictus: reprort draven XeNvictus: pleassse reporrt him XeNvictus: seee? XeNvictus: hes trolling XeNvictus: im mid lane XeNvictus: draven XeNvictus: you might like ur 14 day ban XeNvictus: C: XeNvictus: neiither do i XeNvictus: so i dont see why ur complaining XeNvictus: lucian XeNvictus: too sacred to 1v1? XeNvictus: Riven XeNvictus: Your so bad XeNvictus: 0/6 ur bad XeNvictus: mann i was typing XeNvictus: report draven XeNvictus: playing support with an adc XeNvictus: trolling XeNvictus: lol XeNvictus: he broke guidlines XeNvictus: i report XeNvictus: he got support XeNvictus: he knew he got it XeNvictus: and purposly picked draven XeNvictus: No XeNvictus: Shut up XeNvictus: im reporting oyu for trolling XeNvictus: waht the %%% XeNvictus: draven XeNvictus: would you like it XeNvictus: if i took your rol in a draft game? XeNvictus: no XeNvictus: lmao XeNvictus: nnnicie chase XeNvictus: blame my 'suport' XeNvictus: oh wait XeNvictus: i never got one XeNvictus: i play blind picks XeNvictus: it sucks XeNvictus: this is full of more Autistics XeNvictus: BUT IS HE ADC? XeNvictus: NO XeNvictus: I AM XeNvictus: hes trolling XeNvictus: stealing all my farm XeNvictus: riven XeNvictus: 0/7 XeNvictus: not my problem XeNvictus: she went mid XeNvictus: and still failed XeNvictus: if u were in my position u would know how i feel XeNvictus: im reporting him XeNvictus: he also banned my mid laane the other lobby XeNvictus: and he had supp XeNvictus: thne he dodged XeNvictus: reporting me for what? XeNvictus: I havn't broke any rule XeNvictus: XDDDDDDDDDDDD XeNvictus: i dont paly vayne any more XeNvictus: i mid/top XeNvictus: report I admit I was being very childish in this game, but Its really not fair to receive a permanent ban on this. They should analyze your past few games to judge on if they should punish you. The report system is way to harsh and some people on this game are exrtemely annoying
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