Account Update does nothing, is that correct?

Somewhere on reddit I read you had to update your League account into a Riot account so I checked the junk folder of my email and there was a mail from Riot stating: >To ensure you can continue to play uninterrupted, please update the account(s) below. >EU West >censored account name >North America > censored account name, named exactly the same as in EUW >This update will allow you to sign in to any Riot game with the same username and password. Make sure you complete the changes by January 22, 2020 or you will not be able to sign in to your account. Learn more about Riot Account changes. >Use the following link to update your username now: So I clicked on the link below and got to this site: I clicked on the red arrow and got to this: I entered my password, confirmed and I got back to the start page: I repeated it several times, always the same. Since I have two accounts with the same name, linked to the same e-mail, one on EUW and one on NA server, I clicked on not me switch account once and logged in with my NA account: Well password confirmation here led me back to the start page again: So my question basically is what the hell is this? Do I have to change a username? If yes how am I supposed to do that? If not why don't they tell me everything is fine?
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