This is a Joke....

Dear Riot. I start enjoying this game but I today something happend which pissed me really off and I hope u can remove that. I live in Austria (Obersteiermark) We had this year big Problem with Snow/Storm and electricity. The Main Problem is electricity. This week twice the electricity went off for security reason for about 5-10 min. The Problem is your AFK/Anti Rage Quit System, dont understand me wrong I like the System but there are cases where I cant do anything about it. This Week on Tuesday the electricity went off while I was in a Game for about 5 min, but I could rejoin and Fairplay (Didnt Feed and gave my best) but even that I didnt get any of EXP nor BE. Which I sayed ok fine then.... and continue playing another round. Today the electricity went again off for about 9 - 10 min, but I was abel again to rejoin the match and continue playing, also didnt feed and gave my best. And what do I get after the Match???? NO EXP NO BE and 5 Banned matches (I have to wait 20min before I get Qued for 5 Matches) Which I see VERY VERY UNFAIR. I dont care about EXP or BE what piss me off is the 5 Banned Matches. 1. I didnt Feed 2. I didnt have Toxic Behavior 3. I gave my best 4. This was on a NORMAL MM not RANKED, if it was RANKED I would understand a bit but on NORMAL I GET 5 Match Banned for something I have no Controll is more then unfair. Bare in mind I cant controll the electricity nor do I know when it gets Turned off. It happens suddendly. I like the System for Rage Quit or against Feeders, but I didnt go afk for Trolling, I didnt feed nor Rage Quitted. I even rejoined and gave my best. Please fix this System, if it is possible make the System so that it can compare a Troller/RageQuitter and a PC Crash/electricity Problem/Lags. Because I saw too other player which got no EXP no BE cause they Lagged or their Pc crashed which I think is unfair too. We all just trying to have fun.
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