Perma banned, but never used any cheat??

I've banned from game bcoz they said "I'm used 3rd party programsorozat" but is didnt! I've never cheated ín this f.. game, i only searched "how to play with XY", etc... They said there was an comprehensive examination and they found a commandfile őr smthing like that.. so a third party program, but how? Why? I've never used any programs except a video recorder and once a low effect thing bcoz i showed my friend what is lol exactly and he has epilepsy só i tried that to make him feel mit dying by the flashes and etc.. you van say that van bcoz of smone else played w my account cuz i played with it, nőt him. So why did i get banned? They said they wont unbam my account! But why? I did NOTHING, man.......
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