Still having FPS issues? READ THIS!

Since patch 8.4 I have been experiencing increasing frame drops and random lag outs. Reading the boards, it seems to be a common problem. After patch 8.7, LoL literally became unplayable for me (15fps in team fights) - So I decided to try anything and everything to try and alleviate my problem and I found that this worked for me: Note: Am using a Mecer M330 i3 2.13GHz, 2GB ram, Windows 10 (quite a low-spec laptop) and I get a solid 60-80 fps. * Change all video setting to very low and cap frames at 80 * Disable Character Inking, Anti-Aliasing and Wait for Vertical Sync * Turn "Enable HUD Animations" off * Remove 'non-essential' Combat Text * Add the following changes to the game.cfg file: **Firstly, you will need to locate your "League Of Legends" folder that is inside a "Riot Games" folder. Then click the first folder which should say "Config" and you should be able to locate the game.cfg file. Find the file and right-click it. Next, choose "Edit." Afterwards, scroll down until you see the section "Performance." Replace the text you see there with the text right below** [Performance] ShadowsEnabled=0 CharacterInking=0 EnableHUDAnimations=0 PerPixelPointLighting=0 EnableParticleOptimizations=1 BudgetOverdrawAverage=10 BudgetSkinnedVertexCount=200000 BudgetSkinnedDrawCallCount=100 BudgetTextureUsage=150000 BudgetVertexCount=500000 BudgetTriangleCount=300000 BudgetDrawCallCount=1000 EnableGrassSwaying=0 EnableFXAA=0 AdvancedShader=0 FrameCapType=2 GammaEnabled=0 Full3DModeEnabled=1 AutoPerformanceSettings=0 ShadowQuality=0 CharacterQuality=0 GraphicsSlider=0 EffectsQuality=0 EnvironmentQuality=0 _In Conclusion:_ **15fps to 60fps** **From having severe frame issues (and some intense tilt due to it) to being able to play LoL without pulling tufts of my hair out!** **Try it and let me know if this worked for you!**
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