Joined a match after 6 minutes due to bugsplat still got leaverpenalty

SO... Today when i was playing League, I randomly found my self running into a Bugsplat, while I was in loading screen. after several attempts of rejoining it succeeded, but the game was already 6 minutes in. My team didnt blame me or something and we won the game together. Still the game counts for me as a loss due to leaving behaviour. I would not really mind if this happens in a normal game, or a game where it isnt like promo-relevant, but it was my last promo-game to get up top silver and if i had won i would have been graduated. Still its only a game and i dont care very much, but i hope there will be a bugfix soon that you dont get it count as a loss when you participate in the game for like 30 minutes, just because you got in late.
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