Riot let us buy prestige skins with prestige points

Riot I think that everyone will say I’m right i beg you let us buy the prestige skins with our prestige points there are a lot of skins like kda Kai’sa, Akali, arcade Caitlyn that are impossible to get unless during the event that won’t come anymore u grind so much and even if u try to grind for them the cost is so expensive in terms of event tokens that sometimes you don’t reach it unless you play all day long for something like a week or two and a lot of times people maybe don’t even have the time to grind for them for example the new project Irelia is gorgeous but everyone will be on hollydays and probably those people won’t even get the chance to try to farm for it and that’s why i decided to write this post. Pls let us use those points for the skins we want, i beg you even because if we can’t buy those skin those ultra expensive points don’t even have a reason to exist P.S. sorry if there are some grammatical errors in this post but english is not my lenguage i hope you read this post and as soon as possible results will be seen in league
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