Sudden FPS drops + Game Freezing After Recent Patch

1) Since the new patch went live , I have experienced that I randomly get FPS drops , (I usually play the game at around 90-120 fps followed by a 60-80 fps in team-fights), but since the new patch I randomly drop from 90-120 fps to 15-30 fps for a couple of seconds, ( I thought it was my pc first but I even formatted my computer and the issue is still there) , 2) So it isn't my computer's fault. Not only the fps drops , but I have also experienced that my game now starts freezing completely. This has never happened to me before while playing league , as I always have more than enough ram(6GB) and I never leave any background programs running while playing league. I have never experienced in this game to ever have such a massive fps drop and for the game to completely freeze(which forces me to restart the whole game in order to play) Riot Games please fix this issue as it is unplayable for me and for any other league of legends user that are having the same issue since the recent patch. For any user reading this , don't change anything to your computer , as I have tested league on 2 different computers ( with different specs , and both have the same issue) and it is clearly the patch's fault. Both of these 2 different computers(1 desktop + 1 laptop) have the same issue since the last patch , before it used to run smoothly for both devices at over 60 fps even for the laptop I have tested this on my laptop which has - 4GB Ram - Intel i3 - AMD Radeon 4 graphics And tested it on my gaming pc which has: - 8GB ram - Intel i5 8400 - Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 3GB
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