pls help the lvl 1 crook. cant play league

hello everyone. i just installed the new patched and was about to play a ranked match. at the point when i left the champion choose menu the reload screen wasnt there. my monitor turned black and said as much as that i use the wrong resolution. when i came into the match my monitor was still black but i was able to Alt+Tab and use all other programs normally. when i ve actually checked the game.cfg it was saying that my resolution was 1560x2000 or something like that. it was pretty strange if i should be honest. when i changed it, the resolution resetted by itsself. i ve tried all possible options (restarting the launcher and more) and nothing happened. i cant change the in game resolution from my launcher settings so i m kinda stuck at this point and have no idea what to do. i dont think there is a point of reinstalling the game because as soon as i use my data, the in game settings change by itsself aswell. every user has his own settings set up so its kinda gg 4 me. @Rito pls help your lvl 1 crook PS: How do I change my resolution out of the game? You can change your resolution out of the game by doing the following: Navigate to C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\Config Open the “Game.cfg” file using notepad or something similar Adjust the resolution under the [General] section “Height” and Width” & save Remove the “PersistedSettings.json” file that didnt help me at all :)

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